A friend in business

Wim Zuydervelt – Molembeek Ventures Development, Kelowna

What I like most about Prospera Credit Union is it doesn’t feel like a regular bank where you have to go through so many hoops to get things done–it’s like a family bank. I’ve been a member from the time the Kelowna branch opened about 12 years ago.

As a residential property developer, I’ve completed several projects with financing from Prospera. From the beginning, I’ve dealt with the same account manager, but over the years he has become much more than that. He comes to our subdivisions, he understands our business and it’s not a one-way relationship. No matter what comes up, we talk it through and we always agree on what’s best for both parties. I consider him my friend in business.

I also do my personal banking and investing through Prospera because they have what I need and they always treat me like family.