The first step is the hardest

Tanya and Duncan Anderson - Mission Branch Members

Tanya Anderson - Mission Branch MemberWhen we first joined Prospera they made us feel important even though we didn’t have much. I remember one day early on, I sat down with our advisor and I was almost in tears. I couldn’t understand why we never seemed to be getting ahead. I felt embarrassed to be asking for help, as I thought everyone probably knows how to prepare a budget, but she reassured me and told me we were not the only ones.

Our advisor sat with me to do a budget, organize my bill payments and suggested I create a calendar six months ahead so I can always see exactly where we are and what payments were coming out. We got a loan to pay off some of our smaller debts and save on interest payments and we redid our mortgage at a lower rate, which gave us another $600 a month to use for savings. Our advisor also gave us the advice we needed when it came to RRSP’s.

It didn’t matter that we were not millionaires, we were just ordinary people with young children and Prospera took the time to help get us on our feet and where we are today and for this we will never leave this Credit Union! Thank you Prospera!