A New Financial Perspective

Lynnet Resh - Kelowna

Lynnet Resh - Prospera Credit Union Kelowna MemberWe've paid down more debt in five months with Prospera than we were able to in the last three years. The best part is, now that we have a system in place to handle every aspect of our financial life, it’s taken the fighting out of our finances and that makes family life a lot more enjoyable.

Before we came over to Prospera, we used to try to piece it all together but with separate accounts and five different bank statements, it was hard to get a clear picture of what was going on and it was very stressful. The thing was, on paper we looked good but we had no money. It was all spending and debt with no savings. That’s not a good place to be when you have two young children.

It's taken some time, but it's been worth it to sit down and look at our whole financial picture. With our mortgage for instance, when we ran the numbers and realized how much we could save in banking fees with Prospera, it just made sense to have our mortgage with Prospera along with our banking and investments.

What I really like is now we both see everything and we've set goals that we both agree to, so there’s no arguing anymore. It also keeps us both accountable for our spending.