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Building Prosperity Together

Financial goals don’t just happen. You make them happen. When you have a financial plan, you have choices—and having choices is what a successful and satisfying life is all about.

Helping our members build a financial plan, take action and realize their dreams is what we love to do—and it’s easier than you think. Isn’t it time you got more from your banking experience?

Why bank with Prospera Credit Union?

Whether you’re a personal or business banking member, the benefits of banking with Prospera are numerous:

Personal banking with a

personal touch

You’re a person not a number, we love that! At Prospera Credit Union, your financial well-being is our top priority. Whether you’re opening a chequing account, starting a savings plan, investing or borrowing, we’ll provide you with a broad range of competitive products and friendly, reliable advice that helps you achieve your goals. As a Prospera Credit Union member, you have a wealth of resources at your fingertips for building a prosperous future.

59% of Canadians admit they need help planning their financial future, so you’re not alone.

We can help you solve the money puzzle.

Meet some Prospera members

What’s it like to bank at a place where people want to help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams? Read real stories from Prospera Credit Union members:

Making dreams possible

Pavi Toor

The success of the Cherry Hill iPad project played a huge part in helping us secure funding for 16 ipads for Ecole Mission Central Elementary in 2016. The project would not have been possible without Prospera’s financial support. Thank you.

Making dreams possible

Joel Primus, founder, Naked Inc

As an entrepreneur the first few years were tough and there was a point where I needed to consolidate debt from all of my start ups. Prospera gave me a line of credit when no one else would.

Making dreams possible

Sydney Torok, Educational Award Winner

I'm very thankful for the opportunity to attend UVic and my experiences so far which wouldn't have been possible without the support of Prospera.

Making dreams possible

Elise Fairclough

A year ago we were in denial about our finances and didn’t know where to start. Prospera literally changed everything for us—we’ve paid off our credit cards, we’re up to date on our bills and we’ve got RSPs and RESPs started. As a reward, we took a family trip to Disneyland, something we’d only dreamed of being able to do!

Business Banking that helps you grow your business

Smart cash management is essential if you want your business to thrive. From choosing the right business account to exploring borrowing solutions to grow your business or launch your start-up, we can help turn your vision into reality.

You can get unlimited electronic transactions for just $12 a month with our Business e-chequing account. Learn more here.

Prospera Investing in Your Community

Investing in Your Community

Supporting your financial well-being also means investing in the communities that are important to you. That’s why we dedicate our time and offer financial support to charitable organizations and community partners like the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and United Way. We also organize fun family events and fundraisers that bring people together, and volunteer our time to support causes that strengthen the communities in which we live.

“I've been with Prospera for 20 years. I've had a few hardships and they got me through it.”

“They're caring, just added touches that I never had at a bank before. They show thoughtfulness and compassion.”

“They gave me a chance and set me back on my feet again.”

“When I was looking at applying for a mortgage, I didn't know any of the money terms or what was available to me. She made all of the complicated stuff very easy.”

“They found out we were getting married, so they recommended we see an advisor. They don't just do what you ask, they give you advice.”

“The people there actually care and take the time to figure out my situation and my banking.”

“It's a great experience every time I go in. I got my husband, child and coworkers to go there. You don't feel like you're in a corporation, it's more of a family feel.”

“It's a more intimate type of banking where you really do get to know the people and they get to know you.”